Model “C” Adjustable Torch Holder

C_adjThe Model “C” Adjustable Torch Holder features two rack-and-pinion driven, dove-tailed slide assemblies, making horizontal and vertical movements easy. Its smooth, accurate torch adjustments eliminate blow holes, allowing the torch height to be altered even when the cutting torch is in motion.

No special modifications are necessary with most torch lengths. A built-in protractor gives precise bevel angles every time. The Model “C” fits all Standard H & M Beveling Machines except the Model No. 0, which requires a special adapter plate.


Item No.DescriptionNo. Required
C-3Knob and Pinion Assembly2
C-4Degree Selector Knob1
C-7Torch Slide Housing1
C-8Torch Adjusting Vertical Slide w/ Rack1
C-11Back Mounting Bracket1
C12-UUpper V Clamp Block1
C12-LLower V Clamp Block1
C-16Degree Selector Slide1
C-17Front Mounting Plate1
C-18Degree Selector Housing1
C-20-2Take-Up Gib 2"1
C-20-3Take-Up Gib 3"1
C-25Torch Adjusting Horizontal Slide1