We Broke Into This Business By Creating It

In 1934 H&M’s founder, Charles Harter, identified a problem with laying pipelines across the United States. Cutting pipe by hand was extremely slow, very inaccurate and required hours of hand grinding to prepare for welding. The industry lacked a method to quickly and accurately cut and bevel pipe before welding it. H&M produced the industry’s very first portable pipe cutting and beveling machine.

After Harter died, his wife, Mary, succeeded him. Harry Stallard and Lloyd Lippincott became vice presidents of the company. Today H&M is managed by a third-generation family member, Mary Stallard Bones.

Over the years H&M has developed a complete line of pipe-related products, being used on major pipeline and construction projects worldwide. Determined to be the leader, H&M continues to set precision, quality and portability standards in all its machines, tools and accessories. H&M continually raises the pipe cutting and beveling machine industry’s standard of quality by creating valued products.