Master Chain Clamp

H & M introduces its new Master Chain Clamp, a versatile clamping system designed to increase productivity. One person can quickly and safely perform perfect fit-ups of flanges, tees and elbows in minutes. Each Master Chain Clamp works 4″ – to 16″-(114 mm to 406 mm)

diameter pipe/fittings. Additional chain and jackbars can be added for larger pipe sizes. The clamp weighes 28 lbs. when fully assembled, but can be streamlined when working smaller-sized pipe. Set-up, positioning and alignment for welding is now faster, easier and more precise.


Chain Links

  • 23 links work 4″ – to 16″ – (114 mm to 406 mm) diameter pipe/fittings
  • 7/16-14 bolts connect each link
  • Links can be quickly added or removed


  • System includes eight
  • Constructed of cast ductile iron
  • Each fitted with two jacking screws
  • Re-forms pipe up to /375″ wall thickness

Latching Handle

  • Includes a 3/4″ Acme thread bolt and nut
  • Secures clamp quickly and efficiently to pipe

Support Mechanism

  • Fully adjustable
  • Supports large fittings
  • Quickly allows squaring a leveling