Model “C” Out-Of-Round Attachment

Out of Round

Thanks to the Model “C” Out-of-Round Attachment cutting and beveling imperfect pipe is no problem. The Model “C” Out-of-Round rides the outside diameter of the pipe and compensates for errors in roundness by using a spring-loaded, dove-tailed slide. This action enables square ends to be created on out-of-round pipe.

Like the Model “C” Adjustable Torch Holder the Out-of-Round has two rack-and-pinion driven, dove-tailed slide assemblies, providing independent horizontal and vertical torch movements. A built-in protractor facilitates precise bevel angle settings for forward- or back-beveling.

The Model “C” Out-of-Round Attachment fits all H & M Models 1 through 6 Standard Beveling Machines that cut and bevel 3″ to 48″ pipe. The Model No. 0 requires a special adapter plate.

Operation Manual

Mount the Model “C” Out-of-Round Attachment to the ring gear following the same procedures used to bolt the standard torch holder to the machine.

Model “C” Out-Of-Round Attachment



  1. The lifting lever #1 in diagram 4 is used to raise and lower the Our of Round from the pipe OD.
  2. When the Out of Round is engaging the OD of the pipe, it is being held there under spring tension.  This allows the torch height to be compensated for any highs and lows in the pipe.
  3. Set the desired angle for the cut by loosening “T” handle #2 and positioning the torch holder to the proper degree as shown on the degree selector slide, then tighten “T” handle #2.
  4. Insert the torch into the torch holder assembly until the tip is in the approximate cutting position, then tighten the thumbscrew.
  5. Fine vertical adjustment of the torch may be made by turning knob #3.
  6. Fine horizontal adjustment of the torch may be made by turning knob #4.
  7. Adjustment for eliminating the blow hole is achieved by turning knob #4, so the cut is established outside the intended line of the cut. Turn knob #4 to move the torch horizontally into the desired line of the cut when the high-pressure oxygen valve has been opened and the cut established. Start rotating the machine either manually or with an electric motor.
  8. After completing a cut using the Out-of-Round Attachment, use the Lifting Lever #1 to raise and lock the torch holder up and away from the pipe.
  9. Release the boomer assembly and remove the machine.


Item No.Part No.DescriptionNo. Required
1C8Torch Adjusting Vertical Slide w/  Rack1
2C7Torch Slide Housing1
3C20-2.252.25" Take Up Gib1
4C20-3.503.50" Take Up Gib1
5C25torch Adjusting Horizontal Slide w Rack1
6C16Degree Selector Slide1
7C3Knob & Pinion Assembly2
8OUT-01Main Slide1
9OUT-02Cam Guide Wheel Assembly2
10OUT-03Stationary Guide Wheel Assembly2
11OUT-04Lifting Lever1
12OUT-05Guide Rail2
13C-18Degree Selector Housing1
14c12-UUpper V Clamp Block1
15C12-LLower V Clamp Block1
16C4Degree Selector Knob1
17BM12-13-14Contour Wheel Assembly1
18C11Back Mounting Bracket & Spacer1
19OUT-06Guide Wheel Plate1
20OUT-07Negator Spring Bracket Assembly1
21OUT-08Negator Spring1