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Shape Cutting Attachments And Templates

Even the most skilled operators can greatly benefit from using H & M’s Standard Shape Cutting Attachments and Templates. The Shape Cutter controls the torch motion along metal pattern templates, enabling superior-quality saddles, Y’s, T’s, miters and various angle cuts to be produced on all H & M machines. Uniform torch movement is assured even when cutting miters up to 45 degrees.

Model 0 Shape Cutting Attachment 24″ Standard Shape Cutter

A prefabricated metal template, custom-made by H & M, is bolted to the face of the ring gear, and the torch is spring-loaded against the template. While the machine rotates around the pipe, the torch moves along the same path as the template. This triangular design of the hard-anodized travel tubes and carriage rollers ensures lateral torch stability and smooth, consistent, horizontal torch travel during a complete revolution. Count on accurate cuts from proven patterns every time.