The New H & M “Easy-Fit” Precision Pipe Clamps

H & M’s “Easy-Fit” provides quick precision fit up of flanges, fittings and pipe-to-pipe alignment.

The “Easy-Fit” Pipe clamp is available in three sizes:

    EF1-2.5 works 1″ to 2.5″ Diameter Pipe
    EF2-6 works 2″ to 6″ Diameter Pipe
    EF5-12 works 5″ to 12″ Diameter Pipe

The “Easy-Fit” pipe clamp is manufactured using double-walled steel plate guaranteed for the life of the tool. Should the frame break or bend during normal fit-up operation,  H & M,  after review, will either repair or replace the tool at no charge,  FOB,  Tulsa, OK.

The New “Easy-fit” Pipe Clamp Features

    Two handed handle for positive lock in place
    Adjustable T-handle that slides back and forth for easy positioning in tight locations
    Smooth new roller clamping action for a positive grip
    Fine-adjustment screws for a quick fit-up
    Stainless-steel alignment screws at point of contact
    Spring-loaded adjusting screws that maintain settings for repeat fit-up
    Adjustment screws offering quick Hi-Lo settings
    Lightweight for all overhead work