Common Questions

I have a machine I need to send in for repair, what do I need to do?

First download  a copy of our repair form , fill out the requested information and return it with the machine to the address on the form.  No RGA number is required.  We will contact you with an estimate upon receiving and evaluating your machine.

How do I determine which spacers my beveling machine uses?

Each H&M beveling machine has a serial number located on a tag mounted on the back of the saddle assembly.  If the serial number tag has been removed, the serial number can be located either on the back side of the ring gear assembly or on the front of the ring gear at 12 o’clock just under the blue ring gear cap.  The serial number should be a five or six digit number ending with Hnn or Cnn,  or beginning with Cnn where nn is a one or two digit number.  This nn number denotes the largest size of pipe the beveler works.  The H denotes the machine uses “old style” spacers, while the C denotes the use of “cuboid” spacers.

What is your warranty?

Warranty information can be found at

What is included with your beveling machines?

Machines come equipped with spacers, torch carrier and operation manuals.  Cutting torches are sold separately.

Do you have literature available online?

Our virtual catalog and virtual parts catalog may be downloaded from
Give us a call at (918) 582-9984 or email and we will send you hardcopy literature.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect Oklahoma Sales Tax on orders shipped to Oklahoma addresses unless you are exempt from Oklahoma Sales Tax.  We do not collect sale tax for orders shipped outside of Oklahoma.

What is your freight policy?

Shipping charges are calculated at the time of shipment.  Orders shipped to the lower 48 states in excess of $1,200 or to Canada in excess of $2,500 USD are shipped ground freight allowed.

How do I place an order?

Please call us at (918) 582-9984 or email your purchase order to

Can you ship overseas?

International orders are shipped upon receipt of ACH payment.  We can quote shipping costs or you can arrange your carrier of choice for pick up from us.

What is your minimum order amount?

We have a $50 minimum order amount.